What lens should you buy first as a beginner photographer?
beginner photographer lens

Just as the importance of a good camera is invaluable for taking an accurate picture, so to is a lens. 

Those who have bought a full frame camera for the first time or are interested in taking pictures are very much interested in buying a camera but do not pay much attention to buying a versatile lens which is a fatal mistake. 

They spend a lot of money on the back of the camera, but they choose a very simple lens. 

And so here we will discuss which versatile lens is suitable for a beginner photographer. 

While the kit lens may be fine for some situations, they’re far from ideal and rarely achieve your full frame cameras true potential of sharpness, depth of field control, and low light performance.

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1. Why a perfect lens is necessary

Perfect Lens
Perfect Lens

But first, we will discuss why the best lens is needed because only an experienced photographer can tell which camera lens is more important for a place or thing. 

For example, if you will take a picture of an event, you must have a clear picture of a certain distance that will only focus on the object in front of you. 

And if you’re interested in making videos, you need a wide-angle lens. 

However, if you want to take a picture of a very small object, then you need a lens that can present a very small thing in front of you. 

Again if you want to take pictures of the environment or any distance, you will need a good quality telephoto lens. This means that you can understand why you need a good lens with a good camera.

2. Kit Lens

Kit Lens

The importance of this lens is immense when it comes to taking pictures of any subject face to face.

If you have to take pictures at an event, the things in front of you are more important than anything else. 

Most kit lenses start at around 24 to 28mm (16 to 18mm on APS-C and 12 to 14MM on Four Thirds), but you can upgrade that kit by opting for a lens that’s even wider – or, even better, one that has both a wider and fixed focal length and a maximum aperture. 

The ability to zoom in and out from these best lenses is also not very much. This means it is best for a specific job. 

And when someone is interested in taking pictures or prefers to take pictures for their own work, it is better to start with this lens.

In the same way, you can find your own talents and abilities. Which later helps to do photography in a specific field. And so this lens is as much a favorite as it is a necessity for everyone.

3. Prime lenses or zoom lens

Prime Lens or Zoom Lens

Next comes these two lenses. The first of these is a fixed distance lens. It can be used to zoom up to a certain distance. 

However, this lens is also very popular with most beginner photographers and professional photographers. 

Another is the zoom lens. 60 mm Or 150 mm. These lenses are very important for taking pictures.

 Usually, there are many situations where the subject is not very close to the object to be photographed. In this kind of situation, A zoom lens is much needed.

4. Telephoto zoom lens

Telephoto Zoom Lens

This lens is not for everyone. There are several reasons for this. 

I can say that these lenses are very expensive. And for this reason, not everyone can buy these lenses. If you can buy it again, whatever happens, will happen. 

This is because a lot of experience and skills are required to operate this lens properly.

Moreover, this lens is suitable for wildlife photography. On the other hand, this lens is very heavy. 

It isn’t easy to go from one place to another to take the lens. And since it is wildlife photography, we have to wait patiently for a mature photo, which everybody can not bear. 

It is understood that to take pictures, not only dslr camera bodies or modern lenses but many other things are needed.

5. Can we decide now?

Decide Now

At the end of it all then we can conclude now. 

First, we can remove the telephoto zoom lens from our list. Because all we know is that this lens is very expensive, and an experienced photographer can only take a mature picture with this lens. 

Then let’s talk about zoom lenses. Photography can’t be started with zoom lenses. However, the use of this lens can only be used well in the field. 

So I will not say that this lens is also good for a beginner photographer. And at the end of it all comes the basic kit lens.

Basically, in my opinion, this lens is the most convenient for the photographer of Exam Prathmic. 

And while practicing photography, one’s inner family will also be awakened. 

And then which lens is perfect for you will be revealed with your photo class.

Such as telephoto lenses for wildlife or John Macro lenses for photography of very small objects.


Lastly, it is important to choose a good lens when starting photography. 

On which the quality of the image depends a lot. And that is why a good lens is very important in starting a photographic career.

And that is the opportunity to express a lot of your skills. However, in all these cases, a lot of time is required. 

In such photo floors, it is not that you will do much better in one day. 

Now and then you have to learn everything because you are a photographer. Your content will not be created as you wish. You have to keep a watchful eye at all times. 

So that if a subject comes in front of you even for a moment, you can capture it on your fantastic camera. 

And just because you have a good camera body and a lens that you can take good pictures of, you have to get rid of this worry. 

And if there is confusion in oneself as a result of additional research, then there is also a new problem. So it is best to buy a basic lens and start taking pictures with it.

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