10 Best Wedding Photography Cameras (Used By Professionals)

You may have heard wedding photographers say that the best wedding photography camera is the one you are holding. While this can be true, there are just some situations where a better camera will make your job easier.

Wedding photography is a fast-growing industry that has become more and more competitive. It’s not enough to just have a wedding photographer anymore, you need the best wedding photography cameras in order to stay competitive.

With our list of 10 best wedding photography cameras, we hope to make it easier for all photographers to find what they are looking for!

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Our Top Pick

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

  • Very good image quality, excellent from RAW files
  • Excellent high ISO performance
  • Very good dynamic range, much improved over its predecessor
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Quick startup and mode switching

The wedding Photography

A wedding day is a special time for the bride and groom as well as their family, friends, and guests. It’s not uncommon to see tears of joy shed during these important moments.

Then there are those who cry because they’re overwhelmed by emotions or stress about all that needs to be done in such little time! Fortunately, we can help with some of this on your behalf through our professional photography services!

From candid shots at just the right moment to formal portraits taken before you walk down the aisle–we’ll capture it ALL without any interference from others so you get exactly what YOU wanted to be captured forever. Couples who are preparing for their ceremony come to the studio on a summer’s day in August.

The reception hall is decorated with colorful balloons and flowers, but they don’t know how it will look when photographed yet as we haven’t done any preparation work. Do we start by asking them what kind of photographs they want:

documentary or artistic? They say that this photographer just needs one good photo so she can tell her grandchildren about her wedding later in life!

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Best Wedding Photography Cameras – Buying Guide

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Meet the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, a powerful and flexible DSLR camera. It was designed for serious photographers everywhere who are ready to take their work to the next level.

Meet the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, a powerful and flexible DSLR camera. It was designed for serious photographers everywhere who are ready to take their work to the next level.

From capturing professional quality images of fast-moving subjects along with cinematic videos, this camera will make you a photo pro in no time.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is for those who want to take their photography to the next level. This camera features a cropped sensor and combined with dual pixel CMOS AF, Live View and 4-K video resolution make this camera an excellent tool for professional photographers all over the world.

An upgrade from its popular predecessor, the Canon EOS 5D Mk III is perfect for professionals of any level that are looking for a go-to DSLR camera that can produce stunning images without stopping your creativity!


  • Very good image quality, excellent from RAW files
  • Excellent high ISO performance
  • Very good dynamic range, much improved over its predecessor
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Quick startup and mode switching


  • Default JPEGs are a bit soft compared to competitors
  • Dual memory card slots use different formats

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2. Canon EOS 5DS

When you’re the best at something, there’s nothing like it. The photo nerds who buy our new Canon EOS 5DS will be getting a camera that makes other cameras weep with jealousy.

You’ll have the world’s finest peepers behind this camera, perfect for novice or pro. And with a 51MP sensor and DIGIC 6+ image processors, you’ll get ultra-fine shots that are high resolution and intense.

Get creative! This is your go-to for seamless stitching in post-production too. The Canon EOS 5DS takes full advantage of its full-frame 50.6MP CMOS sensor to offer amazing detail shooting at an increased setting ISO 25600 which has blazingly fast 15 fps capture speed for up to 170 fully uncompressed RAW files on a single CF memory card file because it supports CompactFlash Type I, II or III cards (sold separately).


  • full HD Video
  • Optical Built-in Viewfinder
  • face detection Focusing
  • 51 Mp- High-Resolution Camera
  • 61 Focus Point


  • Timelapse Recording
  • .71x magnification – Large Viewfinder

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3. Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is a good intermediate-level camera for all your photography needs! It has high-quality HD images, delivers the best selfies ever, and will easily get you to Instagram stardom.

All in all, it’s an excellent choice that won’t break the bank (or your back). With a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, DIGIC 7 image processor, 45-point all cross multi-angle autofocus, and an improved viewfinder with 101% coverage this camera is perfect for those looking to move up from their smartphone’s camera!

Revolutionary HD video in MP4 format means you’ll have crisp footage that doesn’t lag or skip.


  • Easy-to-use menu system
  • Sharp LCD with good colors
  • Tilt-flip and touchscreen options are well designed
  • Custom setting modes are a useful advanced feature
  • Fast Dual Pixel on-sensor phase-detection autofocus for videos and live view


  • Can’t assign a button to open the top item in “My Menu”
  • Difficult to use with gloves compared to Nikon DSLRs

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4. Canon EOS 90D

You want a DSLR that has the same body shape challenge as your favorite lipstick.

Can you feel how this camera is soft and smooth on your hands? It’s lightness, it’s weightlessness, it’s effortless.” The EOS 90D is Canon’s latest 21.1 million pixel camera that captures shots in 8 frames per second, making it the perfect choice for aspiring photographers who are looking to achieve professional-quality shooting without needing a pro-grade body or lens.

Still, want more? We’ve included a new 20MP APS-C sensor and DIGIC 7 processing engine to help make photography accurate and effortless, as well as Full HD 1080p60 video up to 60 fps, a significantly improved EOS iTR AF system for faster operation when capturing both stills and motion pictures of any subject, Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus which features an efficient time lag composition which can align all focus points at 0 degrees within 65 milliseconds.


  • Familiar build with a weather-sealed construction
  • Powerful video capabilities
  • Great battery life
  • Good image quality
  • Fully articulated touch-screen LCD


  • Mediocre kit lens
  • Single card slot


5. The Nikon D850

This professional camera is an expensive, heavy-duty model that can take on your most difficult assignments without breaking a sweat!

Whether you’re up against bad weather or battling the void of space, this product will leave you with stunning photos and video every time. This versatile digital SLR comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology so no matter what challenges you encounter, it’ll see through them all.

The Nikon D850 is a new, feature-rich camera that’s best for professionals looking to truly put their creative minds full force in one direction. The high megapixels and light frames with the DSLR create professional-quality images instantly on your lens – up to 9 fps!

It also comes with an interchangeable screen so you can find the perfect workstation environment for your needs as a photographer. It even has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities so you can stay in touch with what matters most while framing and catching the shot of a lifetime.


  • Nice ISO performance
  • The quality of the JPG image is better as compared to its previous models
  • Easy and quick setup
  • AF speed is good
  • Shutter does not lag and works perfectly with the cycle times.


  • The optical viewfinder can cover only 98%
  • While using an automatic viewfinder the autofocus point coverage is limited

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6. Nikon D750

You’ll never miss out on the moment if you have this camera. It’s tough and perfectly engineered to make even your zoomiest photo-ops come out just right.

You can be confident in that perfect shot when it comes in handy next time you’re capturing a family reunion, or want to show all of nature’s beauty off at once! With the Nikon D750, you can imagine a world of beauty in just about every shot.

This camera was meticulously designed to take on your adventures and bring back photos that will make you want to get lost again and again. Capture life’s moments with simplicity and sophistication through this piece of art.

Tough, impact-resistant construction built to last takes on the tough jobs while still feeling comfortable in your grip. Affordable for amateurs and pros alike with a 24MP sensor that delivers razor-sharp detail.


  • Excellent AF performance
  • Solid high ISO performance
  • Tilt-angle screen
  • Excellent 24MP full-frame sensor
  • Wi-Fi


  • Misses some manual control features of the D810
  • Wi-Fi remote function needs improvement

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7. Nikon D7500

If you’re looking for a camera to help improve your photography skills and photography business, this could be the right product.

The D7500 has been dreamt up for photographers that want a little extra help with their shots. Help like easy-to-use settings, more manual control, and built-in GPS to save the location of your serene landscape panoramas

This camera is an investment in your talent as much as anything else – it’s Made for Creative Minds – making every detail from its innovative picture quality to its 3.2″ display Touch Quad LV monitor designed to make taking selfies or shooting video even easier!

Protection from rough terrain is ensured too by dropping it into one of five custom lens options such as the 14-24mm f/4G ED lens found on this very model. It also comes with photo-editing software – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – which gives users more freedom in editing their photographs. If you want to grow as a photographer, this may just be the tool for you!


  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast, accurate autofocus
  • Dedicated ISO button in a good spot
  • Large, ergonomic grip
  • Well-placed, high-quality buttons


  • Single card slot
  • Fn1 button cuts into the top of the grip

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8. Sony Alpha a77 II

Your photos are too good for your cellphone. (Or, “Your photography game is next level.”) Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, the Sony Alpha a77 II will allow you to take quality shots and videos like never before.

This camera is so good that professionals could use it better. And now, for a limited time only, you can go buy one and compare it with other less expensive models to see just how great this product really is!

Compact, lightweight design for even more comfortable handling. A full-frame 24.3-megapixel sensor assures extra quality to all your shots. Collaborate with friends and family on projects thanks to WiFi printing capability.


  • 12 fps burst with AF-C is useful for fast action
  • Continuous AF is effective during still and video capture
  • Face detection works well
  • Good build quality and overall ergonomics
  • SteadyShot is useful in both still and video capture


  • Lock-on AF functionality is hit or miss
  • Noisy high ISO images

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9. Fujifilm X-Pro2

This professional camera can take care of all your needs. You don’t need to be an expert, but it definitely makes life easier.

This is for anyone who just loves taking and finding photos. For the professional photographer who demands a camera that shoots like a pro. Start shooting with Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 and you’ll never want anything else again.

The newly designed APS-C interchangeable lens X-Trans CMOS III image sensor provides resolution, higher sensitivity (expanded range of ISO 200 – 12800), and improved noise reduction in all resolution modes over conventional competing models on the market today, creating stellar images at any aperture size or shutter speed, even when high sensitivities are selected for low light photography.

An intelligent new architecture inside captures detail beyond human dimension perception as well as previously lost texture without artifacts from color filters and diffractive lenses usually used in the process. So details emerge sharper than ever before imagined.


  • Quick focus and 8.2fps burst shooting.
  • Large buffer.
  • Unique hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder.
  • Focus selection joystick.
  • Film emulation modes.


  • Fixed LCD doesn’t support touch input.
  • Video limited to 1080p.

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10. Nikon D500

A terrific all-rounder the Fujifilm X-Pro2 has a retro look, gorgeous viewfinder, rock-solid build, and fantastic image quality. Don’t let your customers miss out on this great camera! The all-new Fujifilm X-Pro2 is the perfect camera for traveling and capturing your adventures.

The all-new Fujifilm X-Pro2 is the perfect camera for traveling and capturing your adventures. Featuring a body that can last up to 400,000 shutter releases, this camera will withstand even the harshest conditions. Plus with its autofocus abilities, manual control options, and dual SD card slots as well as a 3D tilt LCD monitor you’ll be able to capture every moment without compromising quality. You won’t want to miss out on this limited edition release!


  • Superb image quality for an APS-C camera
  • Very good ISO performance, excellent for an APS-C sensor
  • Excellent dynamic range, even at higher ISOs
  • 153 autofocus points with excellent AF point frame coverage
  • Reliable, fast continuous autofocus performance


  • Default sharpening a bit high
  • Ridiculously high extended ISOs aren’t useful

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1. Which video camera is best for weddings

Wedding videography is a huge undertaking, and it’s important to understand what you’ll need to take into account before making the decision. The three key things we’d suggest considering when selecting your equipment are the quality of your lens, how you will be lighting the event (you may want professional lighting), and which form factor will work best for you (a camcorder or DSLR?). Sony has come out with a new range of mirrorless cameras that can shoot video in 4K resolution, but if you’re short on budget, high-end lenses are expensive too. There’s no one camera that does everything well – so prioritize your needs and make sure they fit within your budget.

2. Is Canon or Nikon better for wedding photography?

Each of them has its pros and cons, what’s better for one person may not be appropriate for another. I personally use Canon cameras because they offer more affordable professional lenses. Nikon is better known as the ultimate professional camera, but it also commands a higher price point on lenses. Canon offers many different lenses ranges from budget to high-end, whereas Nikon’s range is mainly flexible from really cheap to near pro levels of quality.

3. What kind of camera do most professional photographers use?

Professional photographers overwhelmingly shoot with Canon and Nikon digital SLRs, but there is a large group of professional wedding photographers who use more “personal” cameras like the Fuji x100. If you have questions about how to choose the perfect camera for your needs, interactive at-a-glance tables are available on the website of CameraLabs to help you make your decisions. Which camera is best for a pre-wedding shoot?

4. Which camera is best for a pre-wedding shoot?

At Arborescence, we recommend a camera for a pre-wedding shoot that is mirrorless and has a picture-quality sensor. It should be able to take footage in 4K or 8K and offer excellent low-light performance as well as fast burst shooting capabilities. Ideally, it would also offer the ability to use all three native types of optical image stabilization (in-body, dual-lens, external), have clear buttons that are easy to access when wearing gloves, and be something that will last for many years (rather than being a “consumable” like current smartphones). Every photographer who works with us has this camera from Pansonic; it’s called the Lumix S1R Falcon R.

5. Is it worth it to have a videographer at your wedding

Yes. The memories of your wedding will live on for years to come, and the videographer who captures these memories is invaluable. Without video recording at your wedding or another special event, it’s like you only have half the parts of a story and without it, half of the event goes unrecorded leaving you with gaps in your memory that affect how you can connect with those moments in time. So yes, adding a videographer to your list of vendors is worth it.


I hope this blog post has helped you find the best wedding photography camera for your needs. If not, don’t worry!

There are many other excellent choices on our list to explore and we’re sure that one will suit you just fine.

We also have a handy buyer’s guide in case you need more information about how to choose a digital camera of any type. S

o if you’ve read all the way through this post, congratulations! You deserve it because weddings are tough enough without having to figure out what kind of equipment is needed too.

Now go take some awesome photos with your new favorite gear and enjoy every moment as they happen.

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